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The Ghana China Business Summit & Exhibition

By Ghana Business & Finance Magazine
Wed, Jul 26. 7:00AM - 6:00PM
Ghana Business & Finance Magazine, Accra

The Ghana-China Business Summit & Exhibition, GCBSE aims to consolidate the burgeoning Ghana-China trade relation and evolve it to incrementally meet the two countries’ mutual economic interest. While the overall aim is to improve access to both China’s and Ghana’s markets to imports from each other, primary attention shall be on improving access to the Chinese market for Ghanaian exports. The GCBSE will bring Ghanaian and Chinese entrepreneurs together to interact in a friendly ambience; and, will showcase latest improvements in products from each other’s markets. All stakeholders desirous of furthering Ghana-China trade relations, including government leaders from Ghana and China, officials of the Chinese Embassy in Ghana, Chinese investors in Ghana and Ghanaian entrepreneurs eyeing the Chinese market shall be represented at the GCBSE.

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