The Gender Equality Conference

By Ultimate Experience Zambia
Sat, Oct 29. 7:00AM - 2:00PM
Golden Peacock Hotel, Lusaka

The Gender Equality Conference - a stellar program aimed at addressing issues of gender inequality. The event has been articulated carefully to provide a plaform for stake-holder engagement and to provide a basis to discuss the huge attendant problem of inequality in Africa but with a focus on Zambia. The premise is tackling the problem of inequality from the perspective of income, wages, wealth and opportunities. These topics would be covered by the list of speakers. This has become even more crucial now when you consider the expectation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the role of balancing in-equality for most of those goals to be achieved. This event will take place on Saturday 29th of October 2016 at the Golden Peacock Hotel from 09:00hrs - 16:00hrs. Tickets will be available from Monday 10th October 2016 and the cost is K200. Payment will be on collection of tickets. Bookings can be made by inboxing your full name and contact number. We look forward to seeing women and men coming together for this important cause.

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