By Kevinski KeVo Dëférrêl
Sat, Aug 30. 8:00AM - 11:00AM
Secrets Lounge, Nairobi

This one is different. We are doing this for the people, The ChillOut will be a royal event for only the Insane. Party people, Tripper Family would like to bring you a one of a kind event, One that will blow off your minds, one that will leave you asking for more and one that will leave everybody talking for the rest of the year. There will be lots of sheesha and drinks to spice up the event, the likes of Jamesons, Hennessy, Jack Daniels, Tusker and many others. We have organised very loud music of different genres and epic lighting to keep it real. We have also pulled together a bunch load of mature games for you, for example : A corner for spin the bottle, a table for stripp poker, beer pong invasion... e.t.c....e.t.c ::SHEESHA AVAILABLE @ A GOOD PRICE ::EABL DRINKS @A GOOD PRICE Sheesha 800/= Amarula 100/= J.walker 100/= Gilbeys 100/= Viceroy 100/= Richot 100/= &any shot @ 100/= DJ LINEUP: *DJ Veezy *DJ Blend *Beathoven(South central) *DJ Jay *Jojo DJs Trippy Moments will be covered by.... * Smash photography * Lammy Photogrphy * Zane Photography *photography by Joe Waweru Damages : Ksh 300 Dress Code : Ladies something tight and short. Gentlemen just kill it. A series of security detail organised just to make sure y'all are safe. So lets end this summer in style,,..Lets make memories!! #TCO We Party Sexy P.L.U.R Courtesy of SECRETS LOUNGE & TRIPPER FAMILY

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