The Bold New Normal - Kumasi Edition

Sat, Sep 23. 10:30AM - 1:30PM
Kumasi Hive, Kumasi

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The Bold New Normal - Kumasi Edition Free N/A

Join Lucy Quist talk Leadership at the Kumasi Hive

Come and Interact with Lucy Quist on how young entrepreneurial minds can take bold steps away from the norm and create prosperity for themselves, their country and continent.

The focus of this event under The Bold New Normal Tour is leadership. Lucy Quist will be discussing leadership as an imperative tool for harnessing and creating prosperity in Africa.

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Event Background

Kumasi is one of Ghana's vibrant destinations for entrepreneurship and innovation. It is a growing hub of young people using technology, innovation and business to solve problems and contribute to the growth of their communities. It also has a number of thriving youth groups and youth leaders who are constantly working to make impacts in their communities.

It is for this reason that Lucy Quist has partnered the Global Shapers Community, Kumasi Hub to meet and interact with the entrepreneurs, innovators, youth leaders and students of Kumasi. She hopes to share ideas and exchange perspectives on leadership in business and development.

The talk aims at nurturing a growth mindset on the power and potential of good ethical leadership as an imperative in creating prosperity for Africa by Africans.

The Bold New Normal

The Bold New Normal is about creating prosperous outcomes for people. It is an actionable idea proposed by Lucy Quist; an international business leader and a technology professional who is passionate about helping young people realise their potential.

She strongly believes it is possible to create an Africa where everyone has the right opportunities to prosper. She shared her thoughts on this idea at TEDx Euston 2016 and challenged all Africans to work for prosperity instead of eradicating poverty.

After her talk, she has continued to champion the idea through The Bold New Normal Tour; a series of interactive sessions with African millennials which focuses on empowering entrepreneurial minds to take bold steps away from the norm and to create prosperity for themselves, their country and for Africa.

These interactive sessions are being held at key locations where Lucy Quist can meet and interact with young entrepreneurial minds such as Workshed, the Africa Internship Academy and Kumasi Hive.

Learn more about Lucy Quist here.

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