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By Legacy Promotions and Entertainment Ghana LTD
Sat, Mar 4. 7PM - Sun 4AM
Nasco Hotel, Koforidua, Koforidua
past 18 days
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Black is Royalty. Black is Beauty. Black is Power. But what makes Black reign above all colors? Black was the first color used in art. In prehistoric times, artists mixed black charcoal with pigments to great what is known today as black. Ancient cave drawings dating back to 17,000 years ago depicts paleolithic drawings of humans, symbols, and animals all painted in guess…Black.

In times past Black has represented a lot of things, some of which has been hugely influenced by colonial perceptions. Black skin and everything black has been used to represent darkness, mourning, and even death itself. BUT lets redefine black. Black is the primordial blur of creation; it represents night and darkness but it also evokes light, for without darkness there is no light.

Black will always be a symbol for elegance, royalty, class, wealth, and power. On 4th March 2023, we are going chic, and we are going in full Black glory by nothing but our very own annual all black festival, THE BLACK DRIP PARTY at Nasco Hotel, Koforidua. 

Once again, Legacy Promotions presents another edition of the biggest annual all black festival in eastern Ghana dubbed, THE LIVING LEGACY EDITION and officially the third edition of THE BLACK DRIP PARTY. Come enjoy a big night of Black fashion, good music, nightlife, awards, art performances and expects to be electrifying this year’s edition as compared to the previous editions. 

Let’s piece together our creativity, our arts, and our skin into a kaleidoscope representation of different shapes, sizes, and shades of BLACK!! And anticipate greatness, fireworks and a big party like never before!

Trust us, The F.O.M.O is real!

#Koforidua #Ghana

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Legacy Promotions and Entertainment Ghana LTD


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,Accra, Ghana
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