The biggest July 26, concert.Hosted By:DT

The biggest July 26, concert.Hosted By:DT
past almost 3 years ago

Sun, Jul 26. 12:00AM - 3:00AM

Liberia , Liberia

Event Details

Dream-Team ENT| HOTT FM 107.9 DJ blue.Countdown Start now LIBERIAN INDEPENDENCE DAY 2015 KickOFF BALL...****Saturday July 26,2015****
Venue:MAMI BEACH ABUJA BAR MAMA POINT NEWPORT STREET MONROVIA,LIBERIA** Music by: LUCK BUCKY, ROMEO LEAD,SASUBOY, MIGHTY BLOW, &X_POLY We bringing HIPCO back on the map. #From America/USA all the way across the sea. T-Trix & Famous FLIP AKA Archie Barry****LIB your stand up time to support our artist.....Pretty soon we coming take over Liberia Radio stations::::Hosted by::::::::::THE KIMBAS FAMILY::::::My Team been working on this project for a while. #HIPCO is back.. This Event will be All AGES EVENT.. Flyer & pictures coming soon.