The Arusha Fest 2015

The Arusha Fest 2015
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Fri, Nov 27 2:00PM - Sun, Nov 29 12:00PM

Arusha, Tanzania Arusha, Tanzania

Event Details

The Arusha Fest is based on 3 main principals, Entertainment Comfort and Class, and a preference to quality as opposed to Quantity notions that govern the nature of entertainment our target market seeks to indulge in. With the metamorphosis of the entertainment industry just within the East African region; the standards of weekend leisure have risen, the demand is unprecedented but the supply of such a standard of leisure is barely adequate, zooming in on Arusha, it’s barely there;
That’s where the Arusha Fest comes in.

Arusha Fest is a compilation of 5 different events that seeks to give a wholesome experience of what Arusha has to offer to revelers seeking a premium leisure experience, a fun filled, charged, exciting and comprehensive weekend, thus it’s reference as a Festival, it’s an entire weekend to expose revelers to the leisure side of Arusha that not too many are exposed to. This will be a quarterly Festival with our inaugural Festival set to run from the 27th to the 29th of November 2015

The ArushaFest seeks to target the entire East African region, but a very specific class from the entire region. When looking at bringing in a market from over 3 countries to one destination it is important to zoom in on one section of this population, and our target is the rapidly growing middle class, the working class that ideally has no qualms setting aside expenses to travel outside their hub, also the individual within Arusha exposed and yearning for a caliber of entertainment based more on Quality n stead of Quantity, which is another foundation of the Arusha Fest.

The Arusha Fest seeks to target the section of the population that consumes your products and services. In not so many words we’re bringing your target market from across the wider east African region straight to you for an entire weekend, to show case the best of cosmopolitan services that you have to offer.

The Festival will be bringing in revelers from Kenya, Nairobi specifically, Within Tanzania both Arusha and Dar Es Salaam and even Uganda, with the first Festival the idea is just to break ground in Arusha, to create a buzz in the run up to the second festival, remember the target is Quality over Quantity, to provide a quality entertainment and leisure experience for the market that seeks a quality experience.

With revelers coming in from outside Arusha the festival will also provide packages for Accommodation and transport within the town, a means to ease the hassles of travelling outside home ground.


The fest will run from Friday evening straight to Sunday afternoon with 5 themed and scheduled events.
The program kicks off on Friday late afternoon with the guests arrival and hotel check in and basic unwind.
Thereafter we start the program as below:

Happy hour at the Mount Meru Hotel which is where we’re set to accommodate majority of the guests. Happy Hour encompassed with a hearty BBQ Menu for dinner and an up tempo live band playing contemporary music to get the atmosphere just charged enough. The Theme of that part of the event will be “THE WARM UP”. Guests will have their meal, enjoy the Happy Hour drinks, wine, and cocktails, basically wind down and relax as they prepare for the party later on that night. The idea is to keep them at Mount Meru from the time of their arrival straight through Happy Hour until 9PM.

With contracted Transport or Self Drive, the festival then moves to Ambrosia for the Party of the Night : "FLAMING FRIDAY"
Location : Ambrosia / Gravity
BBQ throughout the night at this venue. The first arena will be inside the actual club, a cocktail bar, dance floor, proper disco atmosphere, with a VIP area. The second Arena will be in the Garden with a different DJ and two bars at two different locations, for the people who don’t want to be in an enclosed environment. The theme of this event will be “FLAMING RED”

The party goes into the night, early morning, guests leave at their pleasure.

Saturday will kick off at around 11-12pm with an event themed “SIP AND SPLASH” the concept of this event will be Wine and Cheese by the pool at the Mount Meru Hotel, after a charged party on Friday night the idea is to cool of the revelers with an exquisite wine collection paired with a variety of cheese, as they work up an appetite for a hearty brunch all by the pool. This event is a hangover killer so the primary drink will be wine, but there will be the option of cocktails and drinks of preference. This event will be open to revelers from Arusha who want the perfect wine experience. It will be a calm, fun afternoon event set to run from 11pm to 5-6pm with a DJ on duty playing fun afternoon music, creating a calm yet exciting atmosphere. We’ll run a dinner BBQ a simple yet satisfying collection of Meat and basic alcohol friendly food to set a good base for the party later that night, another DJ will be on duty up until 10pm.

“ADULT RELEASE” will be the theme of the festivals culmination Party on Saturday night at La Fiesta. 2 bars will run to cater to a possible service build up. All 3 DJs will be on a constant rotation from 10pm to keep revelers dancing. The idea of this event as the last night event will be ultimate night life experience, shots in variety, cocktails and a fully stocked variety bar. A perfect opportunity for release and fun, within a comfortable, controlled environment. Guests will leave at their pleasure after a fun filled night out in Arusha. The venue will be exclusive to guests part of the festival.

SUNDAY ( "Kwaheri Brunch" )

The culmination of the Event will be on Sunday as we hold the “Kwaheri Brunch” at 40/40 Tavern, after checkout at various hotels.
From 11am - midday a wide variety of food will be offered accompanied with drinks, a fully stocked bar will still be running with a DJ on duty playing calm, comfort music. The concept is to provide a calm, soothing atmosphere for revelers as they enjoy their drinks and food before leaving Arusha, a simple yet captivating event to send off the guests with a collection of memories of a weekend like no other in Arusha.