The Art and Science of Leadership: Building your emergency medicine career

By James Maskalyk
Fri, Nov 6. 4:00PM - 7:00PM
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Addis Ababa

The skills we learn in medical school, and after this, our residency, allow our medical knowledge to flourish. After graduation, with experience, we become better clinicians, more able to meet our patients' needs. However, this contact does not mean we know how to build a successful life. That is the real work, and so much more difficult in setting where demands, inside the hospital and out, can seem much higher than opportunities. During this weekend retreat, we will discuss with experts in the field, Ethiopian and international, how to make a medical career that is successful and exciting enough to last a lifetime, and balance it so your personal life is as rich as your professional one. There will be a mix of panels, small groups, and (very few) lectures, that explore themes related to leadership, unique to the Ethiopian setting, but applicable to others like it. Detailed program to follow.

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