The 3rd Laughter Tour to South Ethiopia 1.11-8.11.2014

By Alex Sternick
Sat, Nov 1 5:00AM - Sat, Nov 8 7:00PM
Omo, Kefa, Ethiopia, Omo

Laughter Generate to All- The first Laughter School in Africa, Ethiopia, Addis Ababa is proud to launch: The Third Laughter Tour right after the 12th National Ethiopian Laughter Day to take place this year in southern Ethiopia, we will visit the Omo Valley area during the 8 days of the tour. The tour will start from Addis Ababa , we are enclosing the whole details and schedule of the program. World Laughter Master Belachew Girma will be facilitating the Laughter Contents as well as official tour guide that will join us for the tourist information each day. Due to financial circumstances, We have to change the program of the Laughter Tour that was bound to be scheduled from 1.11.2014-9.11.2014. Instead of 8 days of Laughter Tour we will go only for 2 days of Laughter Tour. The area will be Wonchi Lake and the lakes between Addis and Awassa. We will spend one night in Wonchi. For further information please contact Laughter GenerateFor All Main office:- +251 911 22 61 64 Email:

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