The 2015 Annual Leadership Camp

By Pan African Leadership Foundation
Wed, Nov 25 5:00AM - Sat, Nov 28 11:00AM
Graceland Girls School, Chaka, Nyeri, Kenya, Nyeri

This is a 4-day boot camp the Foundation has been holding since 2009 for approximately 200 students (both boys and girls) aged 15-18 years drawn from Schools around the Country to ensure multi-ethnic and multi-cultural diversity. The organizers strive to ensure as many counties as possible are represented. The Camp’s venue is the expansive and picturesque grounds of Graceland Girls’ School near Sagana State Lodge. The Camp’s format includes presentations by leading motivational speakers, and leaders drawn from business, corporate and community circles. They present topics designed to enable camp participants to identify their own particular leadership strengths. The facilitators further guide the participants into their natural role as leaders, and the tools with which to follow through on their leadership goals. There are small group discussions, hands-on learning experiences, leadership simulation games and exercises and the execution of a community project. Fun is incorporated in the learning through team games, competitive team activities and a dance for the students. The participants are divided into smaller mentorship cells and assigned to a mentor (who is a successful professional and a community role model in their own right) who guides them though Camp and remains on call for advice beyond the camp. The best 10 students who exhibit exemplary leadership traits at the Camp are then shortlisted to represent the country at the Global Youth Leadership Summit in San Diego, California in July the following year.

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