Tema Arts & Fashion Festival

Tema Arts & Fashion Festival
past over 2 years ago

Starts: Friday, 4 December, 2015 09:00am

Ends: Sunday, 6 December, 2015 09:30pm

Event Details

The Tema Art & Fashion Festival (TAFF) or known as Tema Festival under the Ghana Art & Fashion Festival under the Ghana Art & Fashion Festival will be held for the second time in December this year.

The maiden festival held in 2014 saw very impressive response from vendors, artists, the consuming public and cross section of the media. Attendance was high.

This year’s festival dubbed “Tsooboe” is being held under the theme; “Harnessing Skills and Talents for Economic Empowerment”.


Tsooboe is a call for action.

The city of Tema is well known for its industrial drive in the Ghanaian economy; a city always on the move. Tsooboe is to depict the city’s vibrancy and the call to harness skills and talents for economic empowerment.


This year, we are fusing energies from the Past which defines our History, the Present which defines our Opportunities and the Future which represents our Hope, to create a vibrant culture at the Center of the World, TEMA. The focus of our art works this year seeks to depict these three eras.