Tapping Knowledge 101

Tapping Knowledge 101
past about 4 years ago

Starts: Friday, 16 May, 2014 10:00am

Ends: Friday, 16 May, 2014 03:00pm

Event Details

Considering the modern trend of marketing and trading, it is an unarguable fact that the indigenous fashion designers are not on the right track to meet the global demands. For this reason the I2I Concept in partnership with other organization are putting together A day workshop dubbed “TAPPING KNOWLEDGE 101 to train those in the Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Arts on Fashion Entrepreneurship, Personal Branding, Social Media Management and Branding, Micro insurance, Financial Management, Fashion PR & Communication   

Book to guide the participant to help them boost their brand, Business Advisory Services for their firm, Brand monitoring, an opportunity to get their items profile, marketed and distributed by an online Boutique (atadie.com)


  1. To win more clients for the indigenous fashion designers not only in Ghana but worldwide.
  2. To take advantage of social  media marketing
  3. To create additional worth to the designers
  4. To provide mentoring and coaching to the designers
  5. To ensure that indigenous designers meet the modern trend of branding and marketing


  1. The person should  be in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle & art business.
  2. The person should pay for a wristband ticket at a fee of  10 cedis