Tanzania National Youth Assembly

Tanzania National Youth Assembly
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Starts: Friday, 8 April, 2016 06:00am

Ends: Sunday, 10 April, 2016 01:00pm

Event Details

Enkisuma trust Fund is a company limited by guarantee that work to bring together the young generations brightest and best to ensure that their concerns, opinions and solutions are heard. It provides opportunities for young adults to join in a national and regional network of socially committed people with leadership potential, from there; they take action, driving positive change in their communities, companies and region in Tanzania and beyond.

The Summit will be facilitated by high profile counselors who have excelled in their various fields and range from politicians, activists, entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs to musicians, models and chefs. They advise, inspire, and celebrate the achievements of the forum’s young ambassadors.

Enkisuma Trust and its partners in Tanzania and East Africa, are inviting all talented young people with vision, mission and passion in creativity at Politics, Entrepreneurships, Human rights, Education, environmental issues and sustainable development, in a Youth Transformational events that bring together talented youth Leaders across the country and East Africa, for training, empowering and networking them for sustainable future.

From the summit, young people shall be trained and advised the proper techniques to success in their fields of interests. Also, they shall share experience and opinion openly with the others for the purpose of making a better future for all.

Objectives of the Summit/Assembly

-To educate, enhance, networks, inspire and empower
-Tanzania’s Youth to find solutions to eradicates youth unemployment, poverty, illiterates and injustice in communities at all.
-To enhance creativity skills capacity for the economics growth of the youth to personal development.
-To establish a long-term, interdisciplinary network of young leaders that contributes on both a professional and personal level to exchange within Tanzania’s regions, east and all African states.
-To enhance, and sustain Tanzanian Youth’s relationships through the empowerment of the participants.
-To support valuable contributions to civil society in Tanzania and Africa through “Leadership Initiatives” that the young leaders will organize as part of the program.
-To provide the participants with fresh insights and new perspectives to deepen their understanding on entrepreneurship as a major tool for youth to creates Jobs to build the nation economic, political, cultural, religious, and social frameworks.
-To strengthen professional, economic, cultural, political, and scientific cooperation through close personal and professional relationships.
-Provide Youth opportunities for their voices to be heard and respected by governments and others institution and individual in the community.
-Looking sustainable ways to eradicate poverty together and create equal opportunities for all.

Confirmed Facilitators and counselors that will lead to inspire Youth at the Assembly

-Honorable Edward Ngoyai Lowassa, Tanzania retired prime minister
-Professor Issa Shivji, Director of Kavazi la Mwalimu Nyerere, and professor of Law at University of Dar es Salaam,
-Eric Shigongo, Author and CEO Global Publishers limited
-Eliamani Laltaika, lecturer at Nelson Mandela University Arusha
-Reginald Mengi, Chairperson IPP media
-Sheria Ngowi, Public figure dressing Designer

Enhancing youth capacity for creativity
Celebrates the achievement of young innovators by sharing their success stories
Current role of national education systems in enhancing creativity and core employability for youth to secure employment and entrepreneurship opportunities
Creativity in the world of social media
Action steps to eradicate poverty in communities.
Ways and techniques to achieve potential and dreams in life.
Expected outcome

Transformed young leaders who will be skilled, networked, inspired and empowered together by build meaningful confidence to commit in changing the world by starting small enterprises, projects and thoughts that can impact life’s of millions of people around their communities.

Who will participates?

All talented and brightest young people from different background in Tanzania and beyond aged between 18-35 years old.

The summit will take place on 8th – 10th April 2016, in Arusha, Tanzania.

Entrance fee;

The price per Delegate is USD 65.00 for foreigners and Tsh 85,000 per Tanzanian plus VAT (where applicable). The price does not include any flights or other transportation to or from the Summit. The travel costs must be arranged independently by the Delegate sponsor or by the Delegate.
The Delegate price includes certificate of attendance, breakfast, lunch, Summit venue, Summit hand-outs and support materials for three days
The accommodation arrangement shall be organized by delegates themselves around Arusha that will be near by the venue.