Tanga Marathon (also half, and fun-runs)

By Kilimanjaro Hash House Harriers - in Arusha
Sat, Apr 15. 4:00AM - 1:00PM
Tanga, Tanzania, Tanga

Our objective is to plan and execute a Tanga City Marathon event that has a meaningful impact on the Tanga residences social impacts. Through this experience, we will raise awareness and funds for Tanga community through blood donation. We will engage attendees in the first ever Marathon in Tanga and offers compelling entertainment as well as educational benefits in regards to the following goals. Goal 1: Help identify and provide opportunity for the local athletic talent to excel. Goal 2: Help boost tourism. Goal 3: Create a community event for everyone’s enjoyment. Goal 4: Engaging in community needy such as blood donations. Tanga City Marathon will achieve all these objectives in good measure. It will put Tanzania on the world map as it continues to attract international runners therefore will increasing the profile of our nation. Furthermore, hundreds of people will travel to Tanzania to run the l marathons and after the event will proceed on holiday to some of Tanzania’s tourist attractions. The marathon will have media coverage which will see the event broadcasted around Africa and other international news channels as well as in our local media. The Tanga City Marathon will also serve as a platform where budding athletes will launch their international careers. From this year of launch of the Marathon in 2017 the marathon will be every year. The Tanga City Marathon is now an event for all Tanzania’s, including corporate organizations that use it as a forum for team building. Blood Donation In 2017 we will make tremendous steps in Blood Donation. This will be the voluntary blood donation during the events. In developing countries such as Tanzania the availability of safe blood supplies is a scarce commodity and largely influenced by low participation rates amongst the citizens. However, with all the activities that happen around the day it is imperative for individuals to realize the importance of voluntary blood donation. To establish a sustainable nationally coordinated blood transfusion service, backed with necessary policy and standards, which will ensure the availability of adequate and safe blood and blood products in Tanzania.

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