Support Alex's Trip to Uganda

By Alex Jones
Sun, May 10. 12:00AM - 3:00AM

Hello and Welcome to my support page, This summer May 10th - June 10th, I have the opportunity through ORU Missions to travel and do missions in Uganda. Our team will be serving alongside the local contact, “God’s Hands and Feet Ministry”, to evangelize and share Jesus Christ with the people serve the community. We will have opportunities to travel to the most remote villages, preaching in open air crusades to many people who have never heard the gospel. But our main focus will be evangelism through open air preaching, church service ministry, children’s ministry, and hut-to-hut visits. There are two major fundraising deadlines we have. 1. Our 50% deadline is $1,800 by February 18th 2. The 100% deadline is $3,599 by April 15th Over the past three years I have been learning so much here in college besides the materials from class. I am learning what it is to lead a life of servant leadership through the different events in life, but also through my different roles and relationships here on campus. Also God is growing a heart of compassion and empathy in me; I have noticed and am seeing people the way my Father in Heaven looks at them. I can see that we each have a special purpose here on earth to pursue as the forerunner and possess as the prize in the end. We grow and are shaped into who we are to become by attending and reflecting on each of life’s encounters. In the end all that we win from the race we’ve run (Heb 12 & 2 Tim 4) that award is our glory offering to lay before God. Now I can see that is why it is so important that we are driven by eternity and pursue the treasures of heaven. Team Uganda 2015 - More Than Conquerors page will have more up to date information on what out team is doing through our journey fundraising and on the ground when we get to Uganda Donations: You can donate by sending me a check through mail at: 7777 South Lewis Avenue #71-0992 Tulsa, OK 74171 OR Through online donations at the link below! First Select “on Behalf of Missionary” Then Type “Alexandra Jones” in box below

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