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Supernatural Resurrection Power (Revival Fire) Conference

By Assigned Ministers Ministries International
Sun, Mar 12 7:00AM - Mon, Mar 13 1:00PM
Waterfalls, Zimbabwe, Waterfalls

"The Lord instructed me to carry the flame of REVIVAL FIRE! He instructed me to light the nation of Zimbabwe. We are launching the revival on the 12th of March 2017 at HOLY LAND, Waterfalls, under the theme SUPERNATURAL RESURRECTION POWER! In the vision I saw mankind with all kinds of situations: bitten, tattered, shuttered, deformed, barren and yoked, BUT The Hand of the Lord Jesus Christ snatched them out. Last year, 2016, we had the accounts of 6 people that were raised form the dead and countless healings, miracles and breakthroughs under my Ministry. This time the Lord said, 'I will multiply My wonders during this revival!!' The best is yet to come! REVIVAL! REVIVAL! REVIVAL! Philippians 3:10, " That I may know Him, and the power of His resurrection...."

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