Success Summit

By Real Estate Made Easy
Tue, Sep 12. 9:00AM - 2:00PM
Lagos, Nigeria, Lagos

In February 2012, the first Success Summit held with the Theme Preparation for Success in 2012 and Beyond. The Keynote Speaker at that Event was Pastor Phillip Igbinijesu, The Senior Pastor of The Word Assembly Family who made several prophetic declarations that has since come to pass. In March 2012 Pwan Homes was birthed as the first Real Estate Company in the World to use the Multi Level Marketing System as its Marketing Model. This decision has impacted thousands and thousands of lives and also birthed a Revolutionary Business Model that every now entrant in the Nigeria Real Estate Industry is using. It has been a very humbling experience for us at Pwan and we give all glory to God. Success Summit has held every month, on the same date since that first Success Summit in Feb.12, 2012. Multiplied thousands of people experience newness after each Summit. Every Participant without exception feel ready to pursue their dreams to Success and also help others find success. Today Pwan Homes has evolved into Pwan Group creating more opportunities for Success, for you and for all. September 12, 2017 is another Success Summit. It presents another great opportunity for you to be empowered to pursue your dreams to success. DO NOT MISS IT.

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