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Spanish Movie Night at Goethe-Institut

By Goethe-Institut Tanzania
Thu, Jun 29. 4:00PM - 7:00PM
Goethe-Institut Tanzania, Dar es Salaam

The Spanish Movie Nights presented by Embassy of Spain in Dar es Salaam are going into the last round. This time: Stockholm Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Spain 2012, 90 min About halfway through Rodrigo Sorogoyen's thoughtful, carefully-worked second feature, Stockholm, what at first looks like a dialogue-heavy standard teen romance becomes something far more chilling and interesting. Essentially a low-budget, theatrical-looking two-hander about what the word “love” means now, the film is potently stripped-back on all levels, and although its second act is far stronger than its first. The movie opens with a standard conversation between guys at a night as He approaches to her and forthrightly declares that he's in love with her. Initially she rejects him, but he persists, following her for a chat about life and love around the deserted, glistening late-night streets of Madrid. Soon enough they open up and reveal who they really are. check the trailer: Extra: Cash bar and Grill stand with skewers and Bratwurst + a glass of Spanish wine Extra Extra: Music of choice and meeting up with people!

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