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Starts: Friday, 17 October, 2014 07:00pm

Ends: Sunday, 19 October, 2014 05:00am

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We are in a time when the very fabrics with which the matrimonial framework is built are tearing apart by the day… even the most revered are not spared. Some have given up, while some are still holdING on, yet some still doing fairly good are doubtful of the future based on present experiences.

As the demands of financial and economic survival increases… INTIMACY IS GETTING WEAK. As the demands of ministry widens and more and more afflicted and depressed people require the attention of the anointed man of God, … the news of these REVERED MEN LOOSING & ALMOST LOOSING THEIR HOMES IS THREATENING.. As the paparazzi and flambouyance of today’s weddings sky rocket and more and more attention and planning are required, intending couples divert the critical moments of laying solid marriage foundations to attend to the mundane effects of the one day event, only to wake up to so many un-factored realities in the marriage… EVEN NEWLY WEDS NOW DRIFT APART SO EASILY… To see all these things happening all around you and to just move on without taking out time to refocus and restructure your marriage against the prevailing winds and storms… is NOT GOOD!

A Yoruba adage says, “The death that kills your neighbor is only reciting a proverb to you; of you being the next in line”. It’s amazing when we hear the news of divorce all around us happening to friends, relatives, pastors, marriage counselors, leaders, etc. yet we pass on without taking any particular step to prevent same from happening to us. There is no shortcut to a healthy marriage without spending TIME together!!

Business, a long distant Workplace necessitating separations from time to time, Career pursuit, the attention demands of each of the children, Office runs, Academic pursuits, Hours in Traffic, Office assignments and deadlines, Targets, Goals and ambition, Church responsibilities, Ministerial demands, Too much church meetings… all join together to further make it difficult to spend quality time together as husband & wife.

The result is long pending discussions, pending issues of explosive capacity if not attended to, unexpressed emotions and requests, a “quicky” sexual life, which all deteriorate in to secrets well kept, double life, double mind, double vision, double plans, little by little extra marital affairs and a fake life of tagging along. When all this has matured, the result is a sense of estrangement (making the other person repulsive to you), a putting away, a split, and then as the trend goes… A request for divorce! May your case not reach there in Jesus name!

Time… TIME… Time spent together… is today’s most expensive requirement of a healthy marriage. Time, private time … even if it has to be on phone, on chat, on skype, in a retreat/ planned holiday … but Time!! We discovered that if only some couples spent the quality of time together focusing on their marriage as they did in the honeymoon after their wedding, they may not have deteriorated in intimacy and companionship this bad!

The School Of Virtue therefore presents this opportunity for couples once in every year for such a VALUE ADDED time together. Note that this is very much unlike the average church couples retreat where the emphasis is on the sermons and sessions… here, the emphasis is on the quality private time spent by each couple together in their rooms and in the beautifully serene environment for this retreat while we spend about 3 sessions together adding value to our marriages from God’s word and in prayers. Words cannot describe the experience, only those who have been able to take out the time can tell.

Whatever state your marriage is… irrespective of how sound, unsound or fun-filled it is… let’s make a timely input that would further guarantee its existence till death. I counsel you to join us as we together invest time to seat, study, learn, play, discuss and spend some quality private time with your spouse in a quick retreat that looks just like your honeymoon when you got married. We shall be considering our vows again, learning to build our sexual intimacy to healthy levels, praying all the pending prayers and talking all the pending talk. At the end of the day: THIS MARRIAGE MUST WORK!!

From 8pm on Friday the 17th October to the early hours of Sunday 19th October, we shall be hosting the SOV HONEYMOON AGAIN 2014 with the theme “WORKING IT OUT” (strictly for couples) at the Redemption Camp along Lagos – Ibadan Expressway, Nigeria. SOV would be fully facilitating this meeting alongside your inputs as you would be required to book whichever type of room you could afford for the period and also augment some of your logistics as God enables you.

All this information are available as you register your family online at You may also freely give towards the meeting as the Lord leads. For further enquiries, contact Mrs. Ogunsanya (Chairman Planning Committee #HMA.2014) on 08036289112.

DON’T MISS THIS!!! Please!!!

Segun Coker
SOV President || 08055009977