Southern Conference Men-Overnight Prayer Meeting

Southern Conference Men-Overnight Prayer Meeting
past over 3 years ago

Fri, Jan 30 6:00PM - Sat, Jan 31 4:00AM

Lusaka, Zambia Chilenje City Miracle Centre Lusaka, Zambia

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To All Men of the Southern Conference, first of all, may we say, Happy new year!!
We Invite you to come and start a year with Intense Prayers and spend time in God's Presence. Remember this year is our YEAR OF REVIVAL, The year we will see Men of Holiness reach to heights they have never been before, God have promised us a Mighty Revival and let us remain expectant and it shall come to pass by the Spirit of the Lord. I encourage you to at least call 5 Men and remind them of this Program. (Remember We Shall Not Leave Any Man Behind.)