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Sat, Oct 18. 9:00AM - 1:00PM

SSNIT House Adum, Kumasi, Ghana

Event Details

SoMedia for Business seminar is one of the series of workshops to help train participants about the reality of social media to change the way business is done in this digital age and how customers can be engaged effectively. The professional facilitator will share industry insights, strategies, best practices and case studies with the participants so they will learn what works on different social media platforms and how they can also position their businesses there for higher conversion rate in sales, customers and profit.

1. Understand the digital media revolution driven by the Internet
2. Know the web trends, mobile phenomenon and apps
3. Understand Social Media types, concepts, principles and features
4. Acquire the skills on how to use major social media platforms to power their businesses
5. Learn how to develop quality contents for social media platforms
6. Know how to develop, deploy and measure Social Media Strategies
7. Know how to position their brands strongly in the minds of online customers

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