Silver Rain

Sat, Sep 26. 6:00PM - 10:00PM

The biggest event on campus! KNUST, coming weekend! See how the students are excited about this event!

Class War has only one winner! The movie that has made all the headlines and is nominated in 3 categories in the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA), is headed for KNUST! SilveRain is nominated for #Best Actress #Best Supporting Actor and #Best Makeup. See why it has been said that this is Joselyn Dumas' best performance yet!

Set in the slums of Africa, an ambitious market girl(kayayoe) decides to find love outside of her class and starts a class war! Silver Rain premieres on the same night of the awards. Grab your piece of the pie and show up!

Silver Rain is Written and Directed by Juliet Asante. All social media handles are @silverrainmovie  follow us now to learn of upcoming events and take part in special promotions
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