Shakespeare Global Theater - LIVE in Liberia

Shakespeare Global Theater - LIVE in Liberia
past over 2 years ago

Mon, Mar 7. 5:30PM - 7:30PM

RLJ Kendeja Resort, Monrovia Paynesville, Liberia

Event Details

We are excited to announce that B 4 Youth Theater will be hosting the world-renown Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in their Globe to Globe tour production of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. This performance is great exposure for the general population, but especially students, to a live art form they may not have ever experienced before. Featuring Ladi Emeruwa of Nigeria and Naeem Hayaat from the UK and of Pakistani heritage as Hamlet, this show plans to reach every country in the world over two years.
We are pleased to welcome them to Liberia on 7 March 2016 as they are willing to provide this amazing experience without compensation for the touring company in the pursuit of providing opportunities to learn about other cultures, boosting interest in theater and drama programs, and encouraging literacy.

Tickets are on sale now at a discount rate.
Call 088 091 5135 for more information.