Sexy Saturday

By Zaytoon Restaurant
Sat, Oct 11. 7:00AM - 8:00PM
Zaytoon Restaurant, Nairobi

The deal of this day is to, K.I.S.S i.e Keep It Sexy Saturday at Zaytoon Restaurant Your Home Away From Home. We take into special consideration the Ladies on Saturday's as we have noted that most like to show up on this day in plenty. It is True i guess that it never is about who you spend Friday Night with but the person you are willing to Spend all Saturday with. What do we promise: ~Food ~Shisha ~Music ~WiFi ~DsTv Access ~Indoor and Outdoor Serene ~Quality Service ~Secure Location With all this been said to show appreciation to the women on this day and every other Saturday, After Every Order from you, YOUR table shall receive something special as a way to say thanks to you for the love and support. Please do not mistake this as a ladies day only, men are still allowed as we know they will be keeping the Ladies company. So you as a guy keep in mind that as much as a lady may love to be called Cute at times, once in a while she would really appreciate been called Sexy, just because it would make her feel something other than cute. The Zaytoon Family help us by spreading the word all around about this incredible event to be held each and every Saturday here at Zaytoon. We love you and appreciate your support. #KeepItZaytoon #HomeAwayFromHome #KeepIt100%

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