Sedgefield Slow Festival

Sedgefield Slow Festival
past over 2 years ago

Fri, Mar 25 6:00AM - Sun, Mar 27 2:00PM

Sedgefield, Western Cape, South Africa Sedgefield, South Africa

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Why the Slow Festival?

Sedgefield's Slow Festival is about returning to family values, real experiences and a natural way of life...
After Sedgefield was declared Africa's first Cittaslow town and after a number of residents had been to Shaun van Eck's tourism update, they decided they needed to come up with an event to put Sedgefield onto the map.

The Sedgefield Slow Festival was born!

All the initial planning of events was based on these concepts:
How do we best showcase the town and surrounds?
How do we create opportunities and benefit for all local business?
How do we make sure the whole town can take part in the fun?
From it's humble beginning in 2010, the Slow Festival continues to grow. Every year the festival is getting bigger, better planned and involving more charities and local businesses who are beginning to see that they can benefit from and can make the Festival work for them.

It's a festival celebrating the real things in life: Wholesome goodness, Family, Friends, Fun, the Outdoors and Great food. There are plenty of activities for the children and indeed the whole family to do. There is entertainment galore, much to see, great competitions with lots of prizes to be won and best of all, many deserving charities are supported by monies raised during the festival.

Be sure to make the Slow Festival an annual calendar highlight and a weekend of unparalleled family fun and discovery. Book into any of the town's quaint and affordable guesthouses and B&B's and explore all that our Slow Town has to offer- on foot, by bike or by horse-drawn carriage.

It offers a myriad of fabulous family fun! Make your way to Africa's first official 'Slow Town' to celebrate the Slow Festival from the 18th-20th April 2014.

Cittaslow Goal
The goal of the Cittaslow movement is
to resist the fast pace life of most cities throughout the world
while at the same time improving the quality of life in it's recognised towns.

It aims to encourage a healthier lifestyle
which includes making time for pleasure and leisure,
looking after the environment,
caring for the elderly and
many more things which support a slower more fulfilling way of life.