School Mentorship Program

School Mentorship Program
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Thu, Oct 13 11:00PM - Fri, Oct 14 1:00AM

Tezo, Kenya Tezo, Kenya

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Smiles of hope community based organization was established and duly registered by the Ministry of Culture and Social Services. It revives and restores the lost hope of the vulnerable children especially the adolescent child in education. Education is a human right that should be given to all human beings.
The significance of the program is to empower the community tackle early/teenage pregnancy, early forced marriages, school drop outs etc by offering mentorship programs to schools. Kilifi County register a high number of school drop outs and teenage pregnancies the root cause of this is lack of sex education among adolescent age group. Most parents consider it as a taboo or embarrassing to discuss sex matters with their children.
The program is restricted to the challenges of adolescent child in Kilifi County however, we have received a request from Tezo-Ward to meet and mentor 60-100 class eight students on the 14th October, as we wish them all the best in their exams.

We are collecting donations from well-wishers
Sanitary towels
Success cards
Geometrical set

We humbly ask for your donation in cash or in kind
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Bank of Africa
Nyali branch
Acc no. 03617840003
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