Savory Hub Kenya: Grazing For Change Conference

Savory Hub Kenya: Grazing For Change Conference
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Wed, Feb 8. 5:00AM - 2:00PM

Nairobi, Kenya Nairobi, Kenya

Event Details

8th of February
At the Louis Leakey Auditorium
The National Museums of Kenya

Grazing for Change:
People, Pastures, Progress and Profit

The Grazing for Change conference will take a look at the wildlife / livestock interface in Kenya’s conservancies, the opportunities,
challenges and the search for incentives.

This conference aims to raise awareness and build capacity in managing the wildlife / livestock interface through a balance between active conservation of the ecosystem, in partnership with building and sustaining appropriate enterprises for the resident communities, in particular through livestock enterprises and tourism. This meeting will explore the underlying needs for regenerative grazing,enhancing livelihoods of pastoralists through improved livestock husbandry and marketing, scaling up of improved livestock production enterprises, as well as improving grazing for and management of the wildlife resource across the region.

VIP Speakers to include:
Allan Savory
Richard Leakey
Dickson Ole Kaelo
Tom Lalampaa
Ian Craig
Paula Kahumbu
Jimmy Smith
among others…