Save A Life Africa Mission

Save A Life Africa Mission
past about 3 years ago

Mon, Jun 1. 12:00AM - 3:00AM

Nairobi, Kenya Nairobi, Kenya

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Well, most of you know me well enough to know that I don't do charities.. and for good reason. However, speaking with Amos Kutamba Irungu over a period of several months, I have been in awe of the work he is doing. Then I saw Joy. Joy is over a year old now after being abandoned by her mum at just 3 months old after she struggled due to the high cost of living to keep her.
In something I have never done I considered the amount of money I waste on luxuries.. The things we all take for granted. Something so small to us (say $10) can make a huge difference to someone like Joy and indeed Amos (who to be sure has never asked me for any donations of any kind).
I know many people, with 600 people on my friends list and others who claim to "know me", I though about time I put this to some use..
Imagine if everyone on my friends list sent $10!
My GOD we spend more on that on lollies at a servo! Like its nothing!
So, here 'tis. Postage to Kenya is ridiculous, up to $500 for a 20kg box! That's 2 months rent and would feed all of the children currently at his orphanage.
So, with that.. if anyone is interested in donating $10 to this cause.. this isn't about tax right offs (though since it is a chartity, I'm sure you could), this is about for once, doing the right thing because we are merely in a position to.
Join this event, and I will contact you with details on getting assistance to Amos.
They do have a website too and I encourage everyone to check it out.