By Eric Lesire
Sat, Oct 31 3:00PM - Sun, Nov 1 3:00AM
Bomas of Kenya Limited, Nairobi

Samburu Cultural Night is an annual event that is celebrated in renowned urban centers, and Nairobi City(alias City in the Sun) has been the choice of majority and preference of it's organizers due to its centrality and convenience. The aim of the event is to showcase the beauty and pride of Samburu ethnic community culture with a blend of urbanization. It is meant to remind residents of these urban centers especially the Samburus and their friends that it is important not to forget where they come from as history defines who we are and gives us a sense of love and belonging. The event is also meant for social integration and cohesiveness among the different races and ethnic communities living within and without the borders of the Republic of Kenya as the saying goes no man is an island and therefore the event is not only open to Samburus but also to their friends etc. This is the FOURTH successive Samburu Cultural Night and due to growth in numbers of our audience from 200 in the first event to over 2000 in the third event ,our VENUE for this year will be THE BOMAS OF KENYA near the main entrance gate of Nairobi National park in Lang'ata, Nairobi. The venue has ample parking space and its spacious to host the soaring numbers of our audience. Lots of activities are lined up for the night;1. Samburu Traditional foods, delicacies and drinks 2.Samburu Traditional folk songs and dances 3.Live performances from renowned Samburu County local artists 4.Urban type of entertainment(Finest Nairobi's DJaying, discotheques, hard and soft drinks) 5.Catwalks and Fashion shows 6.Stand up comedy 7. Bonfires and many more. The ENTRANCE FEE TICKET is KSH 500 for REGULAR and KSH 1500 for V.I.P. The ticket is usually obtained at the entrance gates at the D-Day. Thanks in advance and God bless you. KOSA UCHEKWE!!!...WELCOME!

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