Sage is Going to Ethiopia

Sage is Going to Ethiopia
past over 3 years ago

Fri, Nov 21. 12:00AM - 3:00AM

Ethiopia , Ethiopia

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College Bound, Inc., a Washington, D.C. based, 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, offers public/public charter school students in grades 8-12 academic enrichment and resources to prepare for and succeed in college. Founded in 1991, the organization offers tutoring, mentoring, ACT/SAT preparation, and academic and career guidance free-of-charge to assist students in the District of Columbia metropolitan area in meeting their post-secondary educational goals.

College Bound is hosting its 4th annual Study Tour to newly elected Site Ambassadors. The Study Tour is an opportunity for our Student Ambassadors (student leaders at the Academic Mentoring Sites) to visit Amsterdam and Ghana, in an effort to expand students' cultural knowledge and awareness.

I am excited be given the opportunity to travel to go to Ethiopia. (Originally, we were traveling to Ghana. Although there were no Ebola reports from Ghana, the decision was made to choose another destination site.)

I appreciate your donation.

Your personal commitment will be incredibly helpful and it would help me reach my goal.

(At this point, we are requesting donations to be made through PayPal versus GoFundMe. This is partly due to the fees associated with transferring the funds to her account and the time frame it takes to transfer to one account from another.)

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