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Sacred Art of Divine Communication & Soul

By Infinite Divine Love
Sun, Feb 19. 7:30AM - 2:00PM
Langebaan, South Africa, Langebaan

Soul Tribe and clear Communion. Your Soul Tribe calls. Their voices reaching out to the four corners of the earth… They ask that you share the same warm fire. They want you to believe in the sound of their voice. They say “Through clear communion we can know each other by name once more. Together as one, we are strong! We truly are one with the ALL…. Uni (one) Verse (song) we are one song yet seldom do people acknowledge being one with all the different aspects of soul. “Past” lives are seen as separate from our current life while future incarnations are totally disregarded. Past life regressions are often done to bring clarity and healing to cellular memory yet the being from the “past” life is not considered as being currently present and so seldom is compassion or nurturing support offered. Yet for soul, time does not truly exist and so ones past incarnations are no more behind than future incarnations are ahead. Rather all are present at this very moment in a parallel dimension. We experience many incarnations. Each age and stage of past, present and future incarnations all exist in the now making up one precious Soul Tribe. We were never created to be separate or alone. Our natural rich Divine inheritance of channeling enables one to stay in commune with your Tribe. Clear communication is the very foundation that enables one to consciously co create with Soul. Without clear communion there can be no conscious relationship. To be connected and in commune with your Tribe is the most self empowering thing one could ever do. Each incarnation offers wisdom contributing to ones Soul legacy. A spiritual inheritance earned and past on through the “ages”. Do you share a strong and deep bond with soul or are you stranger to the many ways soul has chosen to express self? Do you know your Tribe by name? Are you familiar with the name given you by your very own Soul family? Names have power. I am! I am powerful words. I AM only as strong as the Tribe and the Tribe is only as strong as I AM. “I AM Geraldine White wolf of the White Sun Tribe. The sand of the earth is made from the dust and bones of my ancestors whom commune with me still. Tread lightly. For WE walk on sacred ground” Re member (regroup)….At this very moment you exist in many other incarnations. In this present moment you are a Tribe member to those beings. And so we ask. “How are you contributing to those lives and are you allowing them to contribute to this life?” The Soul Tribe and Clear Communion offer the following: Clarity on what a Tribe is. Influences that determine the size of a Tribe. The different Tribe members and the contribution they make. Understanding the cycle of a Soul and what makes an old Soul. Clarity on how clear communion is possible. Steps to aid clear communication. Understanding your channeling abilities. Benefits of clear communication. Bonus: A heartwarming guided journey to meet your very own Soul Tribe Many have found this journey to be life changing. Spend a powerful day becoming familiar with your own soul. You will get to meet your personal guardian Angel, Spirit Guide and Soul Tribe. Receive messages not through me but directly from them. Unlock abilities and wisdom you have accumulated over many lifetimes while becoming familiar with your Divine life purpose. Do you honestly believe that an all loving Mother and Father God would cut your direct line to guidance? Leaving you to find your way alone in the dark so to speak? As a full time Medium I truly believe all living beings (incl animals) are born with natural channeling abilities…this form of Divine communion is our spiritual inheritance. A rich inheritance that offers guidance, safety and support. It is time to become familiar with them and start communicating consciously! We are so passionate about people receiving direct guidance that all our workshops offer clarity regarding ones natural channeling abilities. We ask that none take our truth as their own. Rather we insist you start communing with soul and find your own truth! As for the wisdom we share, we advise you take what you can use and leave the rest… All our workshops are offered on a donation bases only. Affordability gives ALL an equal opportunity to become familiar with their natural channeling abilities. Clear Divine communion is your birth rite and so our aim is to self empower as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time. We do not believe that spirituality should be used for unnecessary personal benefit or gain. After all, one should faithfully rely on Great Spirit to provide all your needs. Geraldine on +27 (0) 78 258 9 512. Booking is essential. We are honored to place you in the hands of your soul family. It is after all a beautiful place to be. May you always walk in peace. Warm blessings. Geraldine Whitewolf Ambassador for the Whitesun Tribe.

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