Rwanda Sports Award

Rwanda Sports Award
past about 1 year ago

Fri, Jun 30. 4:00PM - 10:00PM

Kigali Marriott Hotel KN 3 Avenue, Nyarugenge District Kigali, Rwanda

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Sports is and has always been an important part of our Community life and development with its great benefits that include bringing people together to interact despite the age, religion, and color, play and engage in conversations that build social harmony, good health, fitness and wealth to the people and the society at large and so many others.

Over the years different sports men and women, sports bodies, private sector and civil society organizations have always worked hard to take our sports industry forward which has improved sports performance in different sports fields such as football, cyclisms, athleticism, golf, tennis, cricket, swimming, basketball, volleyball, automobile, boxing, karate, chess, Rugby, Teakwondo etc,

We believe that a lot still needs to be done to ensure that our sports industry gets to another level therefore recognizing and rewarding those who have worked hard to improve the sports industry will motivate and encourage them to work even harder for further improvement while inspiring the rest to strive for perfection and excellence

Sports Award 2016 is made of both competitive and non-competitive categories and the following categories:
1. Sports personality of the year.
2. Sports man of the year.
3. Female sports personality.
4. Sports personality with disability.
5. Sports fan club of the year.
6. National sports team of the Year
7. Local Sports Club of the year
8. Sports Federation of the year
9. Sports sponsor of the year.
10. Sports event of the year.
11. Sports school of the year.