Ricochet Nigerian Ideas Worth Spreading

Ricochet  Nigerian Ideas Worth Spreading
past about 4 years ago

Sat, May 31. 11:00AM - 5:00PM

Transcorp Hilton Abuja 1 Aguiyi Ironsi St, Abuja, Nigeria

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"....We live in an age of constant change where evolution is occurring exponentially faster today than it did yesterday, literarily. We're constantly bombarded and confronted with opportunities and constraints for choices that have in most cases lasting impact as they seem to ricochet off different aspects of our existence. 

The impact of this ricochet may be mild, it may be intense, but there is certainly ricochet as we all receive, process, and react to life's experiences, opportunities, and information to differing degrees. 

Ricochet seeks to create a forum for socially aware knowledge seeking change driven individuals to be engaged with hard-hitting material concerning society, human development, profession, and ultimately our evolution as specie, a people, a demographic, a culture, and a time....."