Rethinking Economics and Economic History in Zimbabwe

Rethinking Economics and Economic History in Zimbabwe
past over 1 year ago

Sat, Apr 22. 6:00AM - 6:00PM

University of Zimbabwe Langham Road Harare, Zimbabwe

Event Details

The Young Scholars Initiative Africa in collaboration with Rethinking Economics are inviting all researchers and young scholars to join a workshop on Rethinking Economics and Economic History in Zimbabwe, hosted by the University of Zimbabwe.

The workshop will be presented by leading Southern African researchers and Zimbabwean policy makers.

We will be deliberate on questions such as:
What should the role of upcoming and current economic think tanks be?
What has been the role of academics in capturing and evaluating the African continent's economic challenges and what substantial impact have they made for policy makers?
Are these changing economic fortunes being adequately and accurately captured and reflected on and if so how?
In terms of teaching economic studies, what synergies and linkages can be established between different subjects that promote economic thinking with a view towards remodeling for more effective impact?