PSPO Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification Nairobi Kenya

PSPO Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification Nairobi Kenya
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Starts: Monday, 22 June, 2015 06:00am

Ends: Tuesday, 23 June, 2015 02:00pm

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PSPO Professional Scrum Product Owner Nairobi Kenya

Course Overview

This course teaches how to be an agile program, product or business manager in a complex environment. Traditional Scrum courses address the role of the Product Owner, the Product Backlog, Scrum artifacts, User Stories, and Planning Poker.

In the course, we address how to optimize the value of current systems. Students learn how to progressively order requirements and work to become more Agile. The goal will be releasing products as fast as needed and no faster than customers can absorb. The steps to reach this end point will be addressed in detail. maintains the curriculum for the Professional Scrum Product Owner courses
and selects only the most qualified instructors to deliver them.

This course will enable you to

Learn effective Agile and Scrum techniques and tactics to manage Agile products and services
Create and maximise value at the product and enterprise level
Manage requirements in the form of Product Backlog in Agile and Scrum projects
Effectively collaborate with business, manage stakeholders and customers and work with Scrum Teams
Plan Agile projects, manage risk and deliver value.

You will learn

All about the the Scrum Product Owner role
Value Driven Development and how to deliver value while responding to change
Agile and the Scrum Framework
Agile Product Management
Lean Planning
How to manage Agile requirements (Product Backlog), products and releases
How Agile and Scrum helps you to control risk, become more predictable
Stakeholder mangaement, collaboration with customers and Agile Teams and reporting

At a glance

Introduction to Scrum
Value driven development
Product Management
Managing requirements
Planning releases
Lean planning
Managing products.

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