Project Impact Africa

Project Impact Africa
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Tue, Aug 25. 12:00AM - 3:00AM

Nairobi, Kenya Nairobi, Kenya

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The society we live in is rugged, it’s a broken society. Twisted values that continue to eat away at our social fabric have become norm. Day in day out, the headlines is filled with nothing but demoralizing news. Society is riven with problems, yes, we are human, flawed and we frequently screw up.

What if a group of likeminded people - who have connected to each other and to their purpose – get together? What if this passionate group of people could get equipped and empowered on bringing societal change. What if this group then decides to take on one sector of the society? It could be Media and Arts; Business and Commerce; Politics and Governance; Church and Missions or Health and Education. What if they get sold out to the vision, that they in effect, become agents of transformation in that society? Eventually, the group sets out to fearlessly influence that sector of the economy.

While it is true that our society is broken today, it is not broken forever. We can and will repair it. We can and will bring hope and aspiration to places where there is resignation and despair. This is the mandate for restoring responsibility to our society. It is a mandate for tough action that will repair our broken society.

We are a group of young emerging leaders who are passionate about bringing transformation that leads to fearless influence of society. This year we're impacting Africa, one city at a time. Project Impact Africa will constitute of teams that will go to: #Kigali |#Entebbe & |#AddisAbaba

During our time in these cities we will pursue young passionate people who are willing to live a life of purpose, a life of legacy,a life that will bring about impact. We shall thereafter equip them and send them out to become Fearless Influencers in the different sectors of society.

And that's not too can be part of Project Impact Africa! You too can play a role in the transformation that will happen in these nations of Africa. You too can become the change agent that stirrs up authentic transformation in the hearts of men and women. It will be because of you that Africa and the societies of the world are changed. Become a part of this worthy cause. Support Project Impact Africa. Buy A Kilometer today. Every Kilometer Counts.

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