PRI Kenya's FIRST EVER seven week Nairobi PDC!

PRI Kenya's FIRST EVER seven week Nairobi PDC!
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Sat, Feb 6. 9:00AM - 12:00PM

Nairobi, Kenya Nairobi, Kenya

Event Details

PRI Kenya is pioneering its FIRST Nairobi Permaculture Design Certification Course (PDC) in February 2016, geared towards working people living within the Nairobi area. The course will be held on 7 weekends over a 3 month period starting February 6th with the aim of giving students time to put into practice what they have learned, make an intensive design of their chosen site, explore further resources and attain in-depth knowledge of their fields of interest while receiving one on one feedback and guidance from the facilitators. Participants are welcome to sign up for the 6th and 7th weekend as an Introduction weekend and then sign up to the full 7 week PDC.

The course will cover all the main areas of permaculture — principles, design, soil building techniques, water management, climate adapted strategies, small scale food forestry, plant propagation, small scale earth works, organic and permaculture gardening techniques (plant guilds, pest management, composting, double dig beds etc).

In addition to all these areas, we will also focus on urban permaculture techniques and learn practical skills in building earthen ovens, stoves and solar dryers as well as making organic and natural skincare products and detergents. Included is also site visits and guest lecturers who will share their expertise in topics such as compost toilets, biogas, aquaponics, beekeeping, growing mushrooms etc.

Taught in a hands on way in various sites around Nairobi, the course will expose the participants to a variety of landscapes and is designed to give exposure to all the tools, techniques and skills involved in establishing ecologically sound habitats and systems, and to empower the participants to work as permaculture consultants and site designers.

This PDC is suited to a wide range of people in the Nairobi area – from those seeking an alternative lifestyle based on the ethics of earth care and people care and those who want to design a system for creating healthy communities and a healthy planet, improve their gardening skills, set up ecotourism enterprises and environmentally friendly homes, to development workers looking to institute more ecologically sound ways of managing their projects.

If you have ever wanted to learn about a way of life that focuses on creating abundance and self-reliance while caring for the earth, the larger community and working in harmony with the eco system, then this course is for you! Participants will come away with a lot of hands on skills that they can implement right away as well as a body of knowledge that allows them to understand the ecological processes at work around them and how they, as individuals, can have a more positive impact on a local and global scale.

Cost :

6 & 7th Feb Intro weekend – 7,500 Ksh

Full seven week PDC starting on the 6th of Feb – 45,000 Ksh

(Fees are inclusive of all meals, tea breaks and certification. Note that we will send more information on all sites and add in options of carpooling together closer to the start date)