Praise and Worship Concert Live Songs

Praise and Worship Concert Live Songs
past about 3 years ago

Thu, May 28. 9:00AM - 1:00PM

Kabalagala, Kamapala - Uganda Tank Hill, Muyenga, Kisugu Kampala, Uganda

Event Details

Come one come all to Attend the Praise and Worship day which will take place in Kampala South Sudanese International Christian Fellowship Uganda, new special songs and plus good surprises please don't miss the day you it will be the only day for you to dance till you go tired. together with the Choirs of the Church Leaded by the Choir Master Brother Paul Zongo Menga Don't miss the day you will never go back as you came because God is going to do new things in our Lives in that day so see you all there, stay Blessed.