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Pie & AI: Accra - AI for Everyone

By Pie & AI by DeepLearning.AI community
Fri, Nov 3. 12PM - 2PM
University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA), Madina
past about 1 month
Pie & AI: Accra - AI for Everyone

Pie & AI is a series of DeepLearning.AI meetups independently hosted by community groups. This event is hosted by Godwin France, Learnira. Special thanks to their support!

Embark on a journey into the evolving landscape of legal practice shaped by technology. In this session tailored for law students, we will delve into the profound impact of Large Language Models (LLMs) on the legal profession. Explore their applications in legal research, drafting, and courtroom proceedings, while navigating the ethical considerations that come with this transformative era. Engage in hands-on activities, discussions with experts, and gain insights that are reshaping the future of law. Join us in deciphering the role of LLMs in defining the next chapter of legal practice.

Event Agenda & Speakers:

"Agenda for Session: ""Law in an Era of Large Language Models""


Introduction (5 minutes)

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Overview of the Session's Objectives

Session 1: Understanding Large Language Models (LLMs) and Legal Implications (15 minutes)


Introduction to Large Language Models

Overview of their Application in Legal Contexts

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Session 2: LLMs in Legal Research and Documentation (20 minutes)


Demonstration of LLMs in Legal Research

Hands-On Exercise: Using LLMs for Document Analysis and Summarization

Discussion on the Impact on Legal Research Practices

Session 3: Legal Drafting and Contract Review with LLMs (15 minutes)


Exploring LLMs in Legal Drafting

Case Studies: LLMs in Contract Review

Implications for Accuracy and Efficiency

Session 4: Panel Discussion - Ethical and Privacy Concerns (15 minutes)

Panel Discussion

Panelists Discuss Ethical Considerations Surrounding LLMs in the Legal Sphere

Addressing Privacy Concerns and Data Security

Q&A Session with Panelists

Session 5: LLMs in Courtrooms and Legal Practice (10 minutes)


Applications of LLMs in Courtroom Proceedings

Enhancing Legal Practice with LLMs

Future Trends and Possibilities

Q&A and Open Floor Discussion (10 minutes)

Inviting Questions from the Audience

Engaging Participants in an Open Forum Discussion

Guest Speaker via Zoom

Steven Lerner (

Senior Reporter at Law360

Topic: Exploring generative AI tools in legal tech.

- recent industry surveys on AI

- the latest AI tools

Closing Remarks (5 minutes)

Summary of Key Takeaways

Encouraging Further Exploration of LLMs in Legal Studies

Thanking Speakers and Participants

Networking Session (Optional - 15 minutes)

Participants are encouraged to engage in informal networking, share insights, and connect with speakers and fellow law students.



Beginner friendly.

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