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Pie & AI: Accra - AI for Everyone

By Pie & AI by DeepLearning.AI community
Sat, Jul 1. 1PM - 2:30PM
GH Schools, Accra
past 10 months
Pie & AI: Accra - AI for Everyone

Pie & AI is a series of DeepLearning.AI meetups independently hosted by community groups. This event is hosted by Godwin France. Special thanks to their support!

Calling all students in media, fashion, technology, cosmetology, and catering fields! Join us for an exclusive event meetup, specially curated to introduce you to the exciting world of artificial intelligence. This event is tailored to showcase how AI is transforming industries relevant to your studies, providing insights, and practical applications that will ignite your imagination. Discover how AI is shaping the media landscape, revolutionizing fashion trends, powering technological advancements, enhancing beauty and cosmetology practices, and even influencing the catering industry. Be inspired by real-life examples, engage in interactive discussions, and network with industry professionals who are at the forefront of AI innovation. Don't miss this unique opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and explore how AI can propel your career in these dynamic fields. Join us and be part of the AI revolution that is reshaping media, fashion, technology, cosmetology, and catering!

Event Agenda & Speakers:

1. Welcome and Registration (15 minutes)

• Participants arrive and check-in.

• Networking opportunity to connect with fellow students and industry professionals.

2. Opening Remarks (15 minutes)

• Event host welcomes participants.

• Brief introduction to the purpose and objectives of the event.

3. Keynote Presentation: AI and its Impact on Media (30 minutes)

• insights on how AI is transforming the media industry.

• Examples of AI applications in content creation, personalization, and audience engagement.

4. Panel Discussion: AI in Fashion and Technology (30 minutes)

• integration of AI in fashion and technology industries

• Exploration of AI's role in fashion trends, design, virtual try-on, e-commerce, and more.

5. Break and Networking Session (20 minutes)

• Refreshments provided.

• Opportunity for participants to network, exchange ideas, and connect with guests.

6. Presentation: AI Revolutionizing the Catering Industry (20 minutes)

• Insightful talk on how AI is transforming the catering industry, enhancing operations, and improving customer experiences.

• Examples of AI-powered menu recommendations, inventory management, and customer feedback analysis.

7. Q&A Session (15 minutes)

• Participants have the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers.

8. Closing Remarks and Networking (15 minutes)

• Event host concludes the event, thanking participants and speakers.

• Final networking opportunity for participants to connect with industry professionals.


Beginner friendly.

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