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Photography Expeditions - Mt Kenya Edition 1

By Mara Expeditions
Thu, Apr 9. 12:00AM - 3:00AM
Mt. Kenya National Park, Nairobi

Photography Expeditions Mount Kenya Edition 1 Dates: 9th to 13th APRIL 2015 Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa, towering to up to 5,199m asl. It is believed it was higher but due to continuous mass wasting and erosion, losing some height. It`s beautiful peaks are covered by equatorial snow. The mountain offers a variety of scenery and topography including indurating valleys and stunning lakes and tarns, stand-alone tors joined by cols. Vegetation consists of alpine moorlands, bamboo belts and tropical rain forest. Day 1. We converge at Chogoria market to start our five {5} day trip. The vehicle will drop you within the Chogoria forest (2600m) to offer you the chance to hike the remaining distance to the Park gate (3000m). The montane forest is lush and green with several plant species such as Podo and cedar while the Bamboo belt is dense and luxuriant. Both zones are home to hundreds of wildlife species. Overnight at the Mt Kenya Bandas. Day 2 Hike for 3-4 hours to the Roadhead Camp (3300m), which is located along Nithi River. There are occasional sightings of elephant, bushbuck, buffalo and impala during the walk through the forest. Optional climb to the peak of Mugi hill (3500m) before heading on to the camp or an alternative visit to the Nithi Falls to enjoy the splendid beauty of the lower valley. Proceed to Lake Elis with a view of the Giant Billiard Table. Beautiful sceneries of the Lake, the plains and the hills. Overnight at the camp. Day 3 The initial trek away from the lake ascends gentle moorland to attain a ridge that eventually joins the main Chogoria route at its best viewpoint. After enjoying views of Vivienne Falls and the Gorges Valley we descend to the little visited Lake Michaelson (4,000m) and possibly the most beautiful campsite on the walk. Overhead tower the cliffs of the Temple while Tacazze Sunbirds flit amongst the giant Groundsel & Lobelia and Hyraxes hop around in the rocks. Day 4 After early breakfast (2:00am) ascend the Point Lenana for sunrise. The trek now enters the Alpine Zone - after quite a boggy start to the walk the walking surface soon becomes scree. You will climb several steep slopes to the Tooth until the climax at Point Lenana {4,985m} Descend via halls tarn, Mintos having panoramic view . Lunch will be served enroute. The long day will crowned by hot water shower and camp fire. Overnight at Bandas. Day 5 After late breakfast descend back to Chogoria market for departure to our respective destination. Costing. East African Citizen- Ksh 25 Citizen – KSh 21,000 Resident - KSh 35,000 Non-resident – US$ 600 What is included: Transport to & from the mountain, Park fees, Accommodation up the mountain, Three {3} meals a day during the tour, Crew {Guides, Cooks & Porters} What is excluded: Airport transfers, Accommodation prior & after the trip, Gratudes & Tips What to bring: 1. Sleeping bag; one rated between 10-100ᵒC is fine. Bag should be a snug fit since if it is too large there will be more cool air for the body to warm, 2. Clothing; Hiking boots-it is vital to have a comfortable, waterproof pair of boots. It recommended that you must have worn them at least once prior to this expedition, A pair of sport shoes for wearing around the camp, Warm well insulated gloves and a pair of water proof ones Balaclava and Bandana, woolen hat and scarf, Sun hat or baseball cap, sunglasses, and sunscreen, Waterproof jacket and trousers, Windproof jacket and trousers, Fleece and hot water bottle. Lots of T-shirts and warm socks, Thermal underwear, Gaiters; to keep mud and stones from getting into your boots, Head torch and whistle, Large waterproof rucksack; for all the clothes and equipment. Porter may assist you carry this. Small water-proof rucksack for carrying your water, snacks and a camera, Drinking bottle; preferably a metal thermos since this can double up as a hot water bottle at night, 3. Optional comfort accessories; Walking poles, Wet wipes; ideal for those who want to stay fresh but are unable to bear dips in the freezing mountain weather. NB: WE HIRE MOUNTAIN EQUIPMENTS THAT WE GET FROM OUR STORE YOU CAN ASK ANY. For more information do not hesitate to contact

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