By Goethe-Institut Ghana
Thu, Jan 12. 6:30PM - 8:00PM
Goethe-Institut Ghana, Accra

Film Screening of PHOENIX directed by Christian Petzold, Germany 2015 Soon after the end of World War II, the Jewish woman Nelly returns to Germany, her face marked by the severe injuries she suffered in a concentration camp. Her ex-husband Johnny is not aware that she has survived. Nelly searches for him, despite the fact he once betrayed her to the Nazis – or, at least, her friend Lena is convinced he did. Johnny does not recognise her; he only notices a considerable similarity, and he decides to take advantage of it. Nelly is to play the part of his wife, so he can secure the assets of the woman he believes to be dead. Phoenix tells the story of a homecoming that is no longer possible and an identity lost forever. More information on our website:

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