Performative ! A journey into performance, art and theatre.

Performative ! A journey into performance, art and theatre.
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Wed, Jun 15. 4:30AM - 7:00PM

Constitution Hill (South Africa) 11 Kotze Street, Braamfontein Johannesburg, South Africa

Event Details

Join us at Constitution Hill on the 15th of June for a new type of experience.

Performative A journey into performance, art and theatre, forms part of Basha Uhuru Festival. The festival is open to all ages and completely free of charge on all days.

Performative! Is a platform designed to showcase a wide variety of artforms ranging from theatre, performance art, spoken word poetry, animation and many in between.
Taking the shape of a night tour through the infamous cell blocks of Constitution Hill, the viewer will experience a selection of installations, interventions and interactive experiences that will challenge perceptions of what the performing arts are and what they can be.

Performative! is curated by Kalashnikovv Gallery in conjunction with the directors of each individual group of performers.
Anthea Moys, Emma Tollman and Modise Sekgothe.
These three groups of exceptional performers will be your giudes for the evening.

For more information on each group please read below.

Please note that the performance starts at 7pm sharp, drinks and snacks will be served at 6:30pm and again after the show.

"Meat, Purge, Lust; Everything for Sale" - Directed by Emma Tollman

"Using the medium of performance art to challenge the classic Hollywood Blockbuster. In a stylized cinematic foray, MEAT PURGE, LUST storyboards a fictional experience into the Afro-Western-Islamic conflict, centred around the consumption and exchange of meat. Decadently visual, minimalist yet saturated, futuristic yet timeless; MEAT PURGE, LUST promises to take the avant-garde into a livid body blockbuster."

"My Alex" - Performance process facilitated by Anthea Moys and in conjunction with The Coloured Cube

The My Alex - Youth Perceptions of Place project, highlights the skill sets of 15 young Alexandra Township locals selected from open auditions held in April. This group has been tasked with creatively expressing their perceptions of place - specifically their views of Alexandra. Mentored through a number of workshops over the past month by creative entrepreneurs these youth have received training in a variety of fields including: photography, performance, graphic design 360 photosphere and google mapping. For 'Performative!' they have conceptualised a performance piece which showcases their perceptions of 'their Alex'. Come enjoy the ride!

"Metropolar" - Directed by Modise Sekgothe

"Metropolar is a multi-media show birthed from a collaboration between spoken-word artist Modise Sekgothe and
visual artist Jotam Schoeman, potraying the beauty and the beastliness that exists as polarities in the metropolitan
city of Johannesburg. Made of song, word and film, this unique experience is a pioneering piece of art you have to see
twice if once before and twenty times if never."

Many thanks to Constitution Hill, JDA and the My Alex project.