Parliament of Owls theatre play

Parliament of Owls theatre play
past about 1 year ago

Sat, Jun 24. 11:30AM - 2:00PM

Kenya National Theater Harry Thuku Road Nairobi, Kenya

Event Details

Agora Theatre in partnership with AfroGovernance Youth Forum are staging a "Parliament of Owls" theatre play (at Kenya National Theatre). The play is adapted from poet Adipo Sidang' poetry book going by the same title, published by Contact Zones (Goethe Institut and Native Intelligence).
AfroGovernance runs civic engagement platform through the arts, music and theatre to educate the youth on issues of transparency, accountability, democracy and good governance.

"Parliament of Owls" play is set in the Kingdom of Birds that is ruled by the owls, with Parliament of Owls as the most powerful institution only comparable to the Royal Trees. The Royal Owl King Tula Nyongoro is praised by his blue-eyed owl Money Bags Owl as "the bird of moments of monumental momentum." Money Bags Owl is rich and powerful, grabbing every tree around and sending those birds that challenge him to the gallows - which is run by the Python. He secretly contracts Olik Tiga the bat as a mercenary in the kingdom and the bat is declared "just another lovely night bird".
There are four tribes of Birds: the Night Birds, the Day Birds, the Grain Eaters and the Omnivores.

Parliament of Owls is chaotic. Socialite Owl in quest for quick wealth is "sponsored" by Money Bags and uses her position in Parliament of Owls to push for bills like "the Make-Up" bill. Red String Puppet Owl leads other sycophants in ensuring the interests of the owls are protected, for instance with the passing of the Moonlight Bill in Parliament of Owls where Money Bags Owl also plays the role of Mr. Speaker Owl.

However, Iron Lady Owl goes against the grain and rebels against the bad governance of the owls. She leads Feathered Beak Owl and Straight Eyed Owl in supporting Day Birds and Grain Eaters in pushing for change that will ensure that Parliament is not an exclusive club of owls. In fact Day Birds and Grain Eaters want the institution of Parliament to be replaced by "The Flock" which shall form an inclusive government.

Contrary to what would happen in the Kingdom of Man, in the Kingdom of Birds Day Birds, Grain Eaters and even some Night Birds have put their faith in the leadership of a tiny female day bird called Oyundi the Fire-finch. Oyundi is a good student of Ogila Nyakarondo the Hare from Lion's Kingdom and is as cunning as the Hare. She has to work out a plan of how to trick the Royal Owl to ensure there is change in the kingdom. In the process of laying out a plan she discovers the greatest secret in the Royal Trees - "the Golden Bead". Veteran P leads the parrots in reporting the unfolding events at Parliament of Owls and in the Bird Kingdom.

The big question is: will the cunning Oyundi Fire-finch succeed? Book your seat now to discover what actually transpires!