P&G Shipwreck Resurrection

By Steven Linde
Tue, Oct 28. 3:15PM - 6:15PM
Oudekraal Beach, Cape Town

Good evening Glory Tellers, Consider this your invitation to glory! The year was 1977. The Antipolis, a derelict tanker being towed around the Cape to the far East, succumbed, like so many weak and distinctly inglorious things before it, to a raging North Wester. The tow rope snapped and the tanker ran aground. Today the wreckage is still there. And until now, it has remained inglorious. But tomorrow, the P&G will resurrect its glory. The briefing will take place at 17h15 sharp. What to bring: 1. Aspiration (high) 2. Board shorts 3. Shoes (not flip flops) Non-Essential Items 1. Towel 2. Box of tissues Notes: Shoes, keys, wallet, phones etc are fine to bring. The South Easter has been pounding lately so the water will be very clear. If you have mask/snorkel/fins, the free diving could be quite nice and for the survivors it may be nice to chill a bit and explore the wreck after The Story. This is not essential and won't be required during the Power Half Hour. Also, beer might be nice. Location: If you drive from Camps Bay towards Hout Bay you will pass the twelve apostles on your left. About 150 metres after that there is a gravel parking lot on your right. Park there, That will be our Briefing Point. Good luck boys Steven Linde Glory Master

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