P&G Shipwreck Resurrection

P&G Shipwreck Resurrection
past almost 4 years ago

Tue, Oct 28. 3:15PM - 6:15PM

Oudekraal Beach Cape Town, South Africa

Event Details

Good evening Glory Tellers,

Consider this your invitation to glory!

The year was 1977. The Antipolis, a derelict tanker being towed around the Cape to the far East, succumbed, like so many weak and distinctly inglorious things before it, to a raging North Wester. The tow rope snapped and the tanker ran aground.

Today the wreckage is still there. And until now, it has remained inglorious.

But tomorrow, the P&G will resurrect its glory.

The briefing will take place at 17h15 sharp.

What to bring:

1. Aspiration (high)
2. Board shorts
3. Shoes (not flip flops)

Non-Essential Items

1. Towel
2. Box of tissues


Shoes, keys, wallet, phones etc are fine to bring. The South Easter has been pounding lately so the water will be very clear. If you have mask/snorkel/fins, the free diving could be quite nice and for the survivors it may be nice to chill a bit and explore the wreck after The Story. This is not essential and won't be required during the Power Half Hour.

Also, beer might be nice.


If you drive from Camps Bay towards Hout Bay you will pass the twelve apostles on your left. About 150 metres after that there is a gravel parking lot on your right. Park there, That will be our Briefing Point.

Good luck boys

Steven Linde
Glory Master