Oracle Africa Security Summit

Oracle Africa Security Summit
past almost 2 years ago

Starts: Wednesday, 29 June, 2016 09:00am

Ends: Thursday, 30 June, 2016 03:00pm

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Businesses face major information security threats. Frightening ranges of malign forces are pitched against them, and they have many harmful motives – fraud, personal identity theft, intellectual property theft, industrial espionage, service disruption, physical damage, blackmail and more.

Every year, organizations pour billions of dollars into information security. And like clockwork, every year hackers find new ways to access and steal sensitive data. A nearly US$300 billion global cybercrime market is a powerful incentive for keeping ahead of the technology curve. Indeed, the market for stolen credit cards alone is north of US$100 billion, handily outstripping the entire global cocaine market. Add in a digital economy where information is the gold of the realm, and the situation becomes even more dire.

Implementing an effective information security program is essential for an organization to fulfill its responsibilities towards customers who entrust it with their sensitive information. The Africa Security Summit will explore the dangers facing organizations and will address these for key pillars:-
• Cyber Security
• Content and Data Privacy
• Governance, Risk and compliance