By OneConept
Tue, Dec 8. 9:00AM - 12:00PM
Lagos, Nigeria, Lagos

OPPURTUNITY WITH CREATIVITY The economy is not the issue, the issue here is YOU. Are you angry at the corruption in the corporate world? Or are you angry at the government for doing too much of the wrong things and not enough of the right things? Or are you angry at yourself for not taking control of your finances sooner? Moaning and groaning about the economy or blaming others won’t secure your financial future. If you want wealth, you need to create it. You need to take charge of your future by taking control of your income source today from having your own business. These may be economic hard time for the majority but for many entrepreneurs, these are time teeming with economic potential. Not only is now the time to have your own business, but there has never been a better time than now. So, come join us at our Rebranded Wealth Creation Seminar with the best platform you can ever think. Interested participant should send his/her details in this format. SMS ONLY NAME: PHONE NUMBER: LOCATION: To 09021873444 and a reference pass will be sent to you so as to gain access.

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