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Oppikoppi Comedy

By Nqoba "King Nqoba" Ngcobo
Thu, Oct 5 8:00AM - Sat, Oct 7 9:00PM
Northam, South Africa, Northam

It's time you did you sense of humour a favour and came to see why for nearly two decades King Nqoba has been the crowned the King of the free thinking riotous and revolutionairy comedians. this year during hi annual pilgrimidge to the land of dust and dirty jokes, our intrepid comedian will be showcasing snippets from his one man show and brining a new element into the funnies that happen on a farm far far away.... His set's have been discribed as "Where funny and fact meet" - People Magazine and "The most proggresively minded punster Africa has ever seen." Vida Magazine. Every show is guarenteed to be filled with fesh content and new insights and hilarious conversations on life and society that lack the tradional race card games seen in South African Comedy. The choice is simple... join the revolution now or remember this moment as when the world of laughter changed for the better and you weren't ready for it.

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