Opening International Women week 2017 CULTURAL STOPOVERS

Opening International Women week 2017 CULTURAL STOPOVERS
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Wed, Mar 1. 6:00AM - 8:30AM

Nairobi Art Centre James Gichuru Road, Lavington Nairobi, Kenya

Event Details

CULTURAL STOPOVERS Kenya & Women of the World Talk & Act Nairobi,Kenya invites you to:
Opening event of International Women in sports,arts & Culture Take Nairobi 1 to 8 March, 2017
Venue: Nairobi Art Centre
Time: 9:00am to 11:30am
Moderator: Journalist Beryl Ooro
Guest speakers:
Madhvi Dalal (Women in Yoga), Nairobi Art Centre Margarita Usenko ( Women in Visual Arts), Catherine Enane ( Women in Theatre), Jacinta Kioko Mwaura (Women in Busisness), Kokeb Zemed Pinard ( Women in Fashion), Evita Manso ( Women in Gastronomy), Alice Migwi ( Women in organic farming), Lilian Wagala ( Women in entrepreneurship), Seise Bagbo (Women in Poetry) Mercy Mugure ( Women in Ability Society) Ati Sanna (women in Music) Marion Munga (Women in Dance) Esta Konkara Mwaniki (Women in Country Music) Joanne Ball-Burgess (Women in Arts, Culture and Education) Reshma Aziz Khan (Women in Development) Naraya Naserian (Women in meditation & Holistic Life) Ranju Shah (Women in Literature).

Coffee Ethiopian ritual by : Kokeb Zemed Pinard
Bitings by Leah & Gibson Catherine Kinyua
Dance by Tumshangilieni Mtoto/Shangilia Kenya

About the organizers:
CULTURAL STOPOVERS Kenya Women in Sports, Arts & Cultures take Nairobi 2017, is an opportunity for you to inscribe your venue into the public circuit and showcase women cultural, artistic or sportive expression to the public. This can take the form of a special event or simply be part of your regular and ongoing program. In any case, you are fully in charge and responsible for the activities in your venue and you will also establish the terms and conditions how to implement it. By participating in the initiative and declaring your venue a Cultural Stopover, your event, initiative or activity will be included in the branding and in the overall program, putting your business on the map and making the whole city aware of what it is all about

Women of the World Talk & Act Nairobi,Kenya
This one of a kind interactive platform, allowing women from all walks of life to interact directly with these iconic women from across the globe. This recognition provides more room for mentors for youth and adults alike. This interaction will see a shift of more unified efforts to improve not only women’s standards of living but whole societies.