One Salon Nairobi - Placemaking, Designing Spaces For a More Vibrant World

One Salon Nairobi - Placemaking, Designing Spaces For a More Vibrant World
past about 3 years ago

Sun, Jun 28. 2:00PM - 4:00PM

Soulfood Cafe Liaison House, State House Avenue, Nairobi, Kenya Nairobi, Kenya

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The Nairobi Salon is an high-quality intellectual, emotional and experiential gathering in Nairobi, mixing diverse communities to think deeply, question everything, and create anew. It is part of a global network called the One Salon.

Placemaking is the idea that we can use space to create inclusivity, a sense of belonging, and maximise shared value. Through collectively reimagining and reinventing the spaces we use within neighbourhoods, cities and regions, we are able to strengthen the connection between people and the places that are shared between them. Placemaking is more than merely promoting urban design. Rather, it allows us to take into account the physical, cultural and social identities that assist in the evolution of the space we inhabit.

Placemaking, when done correctly and collectively, is proven to support local economies, attract business investments and tourism, provide cultural opportunities, increase volunteerism, reduce crime, improve pedestrian safety and the use of public transportation, and improve public health and the environment.

We need to actively think about the space we use, and how it can be used as a tool for development in Nairobi and across the world.

Zahra Kassam - is an urban development planner, practising in Nairobi, Kenya. She has an extensive background in business enterpreneurship before working as an urban planner in South East Asia. Zahra is a design thinker and an advocate for participatory processes and hence developed a consultancy practice called KUWA to influence the processes used here in Kenya toward a more people and bottom up approach. She also hopea to influence the next generation of planners through a program developed to bridge the gap for students between theory and practice. Zahra has now developed the KUWA Do Tank launched in 2015, working towards being a catalyst to changing perceptions of collaborative processes and the need to see space beyond the physical and rather as social architecture.

Sohel Rana - Mr. Sohel Rana has been working as a professional urban planner since 2006. He studied Urban and Rural Planning (Bachelor) in Khulna University, Bangladesh and Urban and Regional Planning (Masters) in University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA. His areas of expertise are municipal development planning, strategic urban planning, participatory planning, public space planning, poverty and slum development planning. Currently he is working at UN-Habitat for the Urban Planning and Design Branch. He coordinates the Urban Planning for City Leaders Training Programme, and is also the focal person for UN-Habitat City Planning, Extension and Design Unit led projects in the Asia-Pacific and in SIDS.

Naomi Hoogervorst - is a founding member of Placemakers. She initiated and managed several placemaking projects that involve communities in order to create sustainable urban spaces in the Netherlands. As architect she co-designs urban spaces. Next to that she shares knowledge and creates awareness about placemaking by organising a research lab and interactive workshops. In Nairobi, she works as an expert for social spatial solutions to improve public spaces.

Robinson Esialimba - Founder and CEO of AfroVumbua Ltd they identify and coach early stage businesses in Africa to help them get "Investment-Ready" then source viable financing solutions for them. They have developed a deep network within the business community and work with business associations, business and entrepreneurship schools, government agencies, investment funds and incubators to give us access to a large pool of interesting business ventures. They also regularly hold FREE "Firestorming" sessions with business owners to enable them develop truly innovative business models that will see them create, deliver and extract the greatest value out of their business. Previously he was a Senior Technical Officer for the WHO, and Team Lead for the Refugee Status Determination Project with UNHCR.

Henry Musangi – is the Associate Director & Project Architect at Planning Systems Services LTD. Where he is responsible for site master planning, urban planning, project design, construction document preparation, and construction administration. Mr. Musangi’s experience at PLANNING incorporates a variety of building types, including two proposals for large scale consumer retail campuses, a leading bank headquarters complex, and an ecologically focused residential complex.

We hope to see you all there at 5PM